Motorola Announces 2Q Financials

Posted by Kallan Dahn Friday, August 1, 2008

Motorola's handset division troubles just keep getting worse, as their second quarter financial results were released yesterday. Motorola's operating loss this year increased by 14 million dollars compared to this quarter one year ago. Motorola did manage to maintain its market share with the shipment of 28.1 million handsets. Motorola Launched 10 new products that they expect to help increase their income stream in subsequent quarter including the new Modeshift morphing technology. Modeshift offers the ability to transform your mobile phone from a phone to an MP3 player with the touch of a button. The phone will use Haptic feedback technology to quickly vibrate the phone as a key is pressed and recognized by the phone. Motorola did well in other segments of their business posting an overall positive operating cash flow of $204 Million, and ending the quarter with a net cash position of $3.6 Billion. Motorola will have a significant challenge falling into the good graces of the carriers and consumers alike as Nokia adds pressure to the industry with price cuts on their handset line. Read about that Here.

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