iPhone Has More Issues, Security Flaw Uncovered

Posted by Kallan Dahn Friday, August 29, 2008

A new security flaw has been uncovered for the iPhone. Apparently if you access the phones favorites menu you can get around the password lock feature of the phone. Once access to the favorites list is gained Safari, Mail, and SMS can be plucked freely without any road blocks. Until Apple releases a software update to protect users from this horrible over-sight, there is a temporary solution. Go to Settings, then to the General Tab. Click the Home button, and select either Home or iPod. When these options are enabled with the device locked, it will prevent anyone from accessing the Favorites, and gaining access to the rest of the phone.
Seems in the rush for Apple to get a 3G version of their phone to market, they forgot some basics of "User Security". The last time I saw this exploit was with Motorola's V120e series. This model would allow you to bypass the security lock by pressing menu when it asks you for the code. From here you were actually able to reset the lock code without ever entering it! This mistake, the cases cracking on the white version, and the lack of Apples official statements on any of the iPhones issues are very suspect. The real questions are "What issue is next for the iPhone?" and "What issues does Apple know about that we have not discovered yet?"

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