Hang Up Act Threatens to Make Inflight Calling Illegal

Posted by Kallan Dahn Friday, August 1, 2008

The FCC and the FAA have already banned cellular use while flying, but the so called "Hang Up Act" could make the in-flight calling ban illegal, and permanent. While there have long been concerns with using a cellular phone during flight due to perceived risk of interference with vital navigation systems, some regions in the world are moving forward with in-flight calling services. The bill comes mostly based on a poll recently done that recorded an over whelming majority of passengers do not want to be subjected to other phone conversations in close environments. In the United States there are already internet services starting to become available with companies like AirCell. The current ban would be lifted soon if this act is not approved. The bill currently only bans voice conversations, WIFI, text messages, and emailing are safe from the bill. The bill was approved by the House Infrastructure and Transportation committee, and is headed to the US House of Representatives.

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